Flats / Sight Fishing

Flats fishing in South Carolina is a unique style of fishing where primarily red fish (red drum) are spotted, stalked and cast to in shallow water. This can be done at all times but is recommended during spring, summer, and fall flood tides as well as winter low tides. While flats fishing, the guide uses a long pole to push a specially designed skiff across shallow flats in search of fish. While not necessarily on flats, other fish that can be visual hunted and cast to seasonally are cobia, jack crevalle, tripletail and tarpon. Flats and sight fishing are great options for anglers wanting to catch fish using fly rods or light tackle.

Regular Fishing

While flats/sight fishing is more technical, regular fishing trips can target a wide variety of species and use techniques that match the skill level and expectations of the anglers. Species that can be targeted year around include red fish, speckled trout, flounder, and sheepshead. Seasonally cobia, tripletail, Spanish mackerel, jack crevalle, tarpon, and sharks can also be targeted.

Custom Trips for dolphin and wildlife viewing, sunrise/sunset, marsh ecology, sandbar chilling, etc are available on request.

Fishing Trip Rates: Half Day $400 / Full Day $600

Trip rates are for up to two anglers. A third angler can be added with an added charge of $80/$160.

Half day trips are my most popular booking. These trips are four hours long and planned around one phase of the tide cycle. For instance tailing red fish on the flood tide, schools of red fish on the low tide, speckled sea trout along the grass, etc.

Full day trips allow anglers to experience the full range of our average 8.5 foot tidal swing. These trips include eight hours on the water.

Fishing Trips Include: fishing licenses for all anglers, Yeti 35 cooler with ice, rods, tackle, lures, flies and bait as well as a licensed and insured boat and captain.

Things to Bring and Not Bring

Things to bring: Dress for and/or have layers available for the worst potential weather, sun protection (Please no spray on sunscreen), a set of polarized sunglasses, hat, snacks, beverages of choice. Soft sided coolers are welcome.

Please do not bring: spray on sunscreen, hard coolers, large/heavy objects and light tackle.

Fly Rod: If you have a 7-10wt set up that you like to cast feel free to bring it. Leaders and flies are provided.  

The Boat

Capt Rob operates a Beryllium 19 flats skiff that is designed to comfortably handle everything from open bays to stalking fish in less than 7 inches of water. The skiff has comfortable seating, dry storage and ample fishing space for a captain and up to three anglers. The Beryllium 19 is a one of a kind flats skiff designed and hand built by Chris Morejohn in 2020. Chris’s colorful 50 plus year career as a boat designer and builder holds many distinctions to include credit as the father of the modern flats skiff, cofounder of Hells Bay Boat Works and designer of their most iconic skiffs including the Whip Ray, Waterman, Professional, Guide, and Marquesa.


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